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Andreas Leyendecker



Andreas Leyendecker is a new Talent showing brilliant acting abilities in KOMAKID.

He created the right emotional impact for being the loved ANTIHERO.

BRILLIANT ACTING JOB because he convinces the audience of being an authentic boy, as well as having intuition and a heart. He did this with great spontanious reactions in front of camera. JEROME/FLIEGNER testified his talent of improvisation, called it  "amazing," for one scene he wanted to get real drunk and he stayed in his role all the time and created by himself authentic true dialogue phrases that were used in the end-version even though they have not been part of the script. 




Antje Redmer as Mareike did an amazing job in creating distance and emotional empathy in bringing her character to life: MAREIKE. It was a challenge to not let her character be lost only in the victim role. JEROME/FLIEGNER wanted her to be strong, a hero, as well as a weak, fragile girl within the struggle of a woman`s life in the KOMAKID-GENERATION of Facebook text messages the real facts and difficulties in life are being left alone in her own female KOMAKID - Reality. 

Daniel Wandinger



Daniel Wandinger as Jack the best friend of GREGOR and MAREIKE did prove his sensitivity of being the best friend of the couple as well as convincing as the revenge angel. His emotions were very important to feel since the characters do not talk too much and the editing does not leave so much space and time for staying on faces and look of the actors. The more important is every second in which the characters appear and will be able to feel and be in their role. Daniel was the perfect cast. He does let us feel a lot between the lines and through the KOMA perspective of GREGOR -- his strong AURA and silent, melancholic way of breathing into the character makes him so authentic and he becomes imortant as a supportive ROLE for the main characters who are not actors and have been for first time in front of CAMERA. It's not surprising that he is a professional  and very promising actor.




The false friend and an important 'dude' proves obviously how easy it is to step into the dark side just because you are weak and not strong. Being addicted to drugs where you might loose control and do things you never will forgive yourself. Being a bad guy becoming a bad guy even though you are just the dude and the friend of the gang like you and me. ..... he´s doing a really strong and convincing Job, you feel his acting abilities and he proves being a real actor with acting experience, his mimick is strong and body expressions fit perfectly. The audience starts hating him. He puts a mirror in front of our own mean and weak side. He did a strong job as a supporting actor towards MAREIKE AND GREGOR AND JACK. As a true actor he did an amazing job letting methods of acting behind him and use them if needed to fit in the group of unexperienced first time actors to give the fragile frame of dogma that FLIEGNER/JEROME creates in her directing a strong pole for GOOD AND BAD. ANTAGONIST and PROTAGONIST: He is the minus one of the Antagonistic powers within the KOMA - Storyline and is able to create the right group - dynamic on set for all actors - very well done job as a supporting actor. 

Cornelia de Pablos


Role: Stiefmutter

The Stepmother proved she is an actor and knows how to create and establish her role. She did a great job as a supportive Actor since most of the main roles were played by kids found in the streets that have been for the  first time in front of the CAMERA. She did good in not becoming the evil STEPMOTHER only: She created empathy for her Perspective and showed true emotional impact but showed that her character is too weak to overcome the family conflict and is captured in the family-role of being only the STEPMOTHER not loved by the kid. 

Louis F. Leonardo Fliegner


Role: KID/


Louis Leonardo Fliegner was the perfect cast in face expressions, mimik and emotional impact for the abstract ROLE of IT/the innocent KID in all of US as well as the young Protagonist and his inner voice to motivate the protagonist GREGOR to face him with himself. His strong presence in front of the CAMERA proves that he had more on CAMERA experiences since his Parents are in the film business as well. Even though he wants to become a DOCTOR of medicine, he is a NEW TALENT and maybe we have the pleasure to see him again in front of CAMERA.

Christian Heiner Wolf


Role: Therapeut

Gregor´s personal Therapist in Gregor´s personal CELL/PRISON is probably a FAKE in Gregor´s unconscious inner worlds he has to travel through in his near death situation between Good and Bad , facing his own Court appointment where his life gets judged by himself? the Therapist is a Symbolism and the Actor   ........did an interesting job in putting all the fragments together of what his job could be as the PERSONAL therapist who might exist or not before GREGOR feels he might get judged by god while the devil sits on his joystick and things get harder and harder. The Actor..... did research how it is to work with kids and struggling youngsters to create his character. A very interesting proof of professionalism and a job well done within a character´s profile that struggled between being real and fake within authenticity and abstract symbolism.




The Father was played by ACTOR........... and had to prove distance and dramatic inner struggle combined with being emotionless in his daily communication with his son. He is the source of the PROTAGONIST being split in his inner conflict between self-control: self destructive behavior that proves cruelty towards the people he should love and care about. the robotic and dramatic emotional expression is diverse and does not create empathy neither hate, he is the source of numbness: the numbness and inner emotional damage Gregor has to overcome and face in KOMA. A challengeing acting job very well solved. Again less dialogue. and fast edited scenes... 


Born: 01.23.20


Judith jerome 
Hans Arndt


Role: Polizist




 the real mother "just died in the movie"; her less lines went deep into our heart, she is the source of the KOMAKIDS pain, she stands for destiny, for trauma, for deep familiy trauma. She has an important role and you can feel that she is an award winning upcoming german/italien actress. She has a good face and was a very delight cast for being THE MOTHER of the PROTAGONIST, even though, even though her job was "only to die" in the PROTAGONIST`S Near Death Experience. 

Andreas Dobberkau


Role: ARZT


Judith Jerome


Jörg von baczko


Role: Polizist

Momi Von Fintel


Role: bay. Polizist

 MOMI FINTEL was the bavarian COP, gost Cop or just the bad feeling that every skater has to get catched by Cops for maybe no reason to get in trouble. Momi Fintel is a real dedicated actor and in the less lines he had he convinces that he is doing a wholehearted, very charming Job in representing the "bayerische Polizei" He proves comedian talent aswell as serious dogma improvising. 


melanie kaboto producer
Bruno Brunko Producer


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