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Verena Marisa 
sounddesign artist

Verena Marisa composed and created the music and Sound-Art for the Award Winning Cult Version of KOMAKID. 

She is an upcoming Award-winning Soundtrack Artist for International Feature Film.

She was the perfect Musician to work with Fliegner/Jerome since both Artists Verena Marisa and Judith Jerome get their inspiration from Death, Near Death Experience and the potential Existence of After Life. Both Artists could connect and create within a  intuitive connection, and the way they worked together was also very unique: They created a Puzzle of Sound pieces and music: Sybolizing Flashs and Koma-subconscious Levels of Perception. 

As a result, Verena did compose wonderful Sound Art combined with melodic Sound and Music beds that trigger the feeling of coming home, longing for enlightenment and meditative Sounds and Mantra-like Music that creates several Levels of emotional Perception: from Fear, to longing for resurrection, the need for forgiveness and the silence of minimalism, as well as the loud screaming to be heard. With her music she supports the different levels of the KOMAKID EGO STORY: EGO, SUPEREGO, and ID: So her music triggers the subconscious with Drama and Intensity.  It was a tough job to fit score in the intense music concept from Fliegner/Jerome, that was overkillled like a music video from changing soundbeds, songs, sound design, and minimalistic soundbeds within Bach/Barock Sound pieces: All together, a puzzle of the Komakid- Generation-Sound-Perception. 

Jim Riley

Jim Riley has created the soundtrack for KOMAKID classical version. Fliegner describes his sound as being similar to Neil Young's soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch's DEAD MAN.


Long, melodic guitar riffs create an authentic atmosphere for the melancholic reflection of a troubled life of an anti-hero and his near-death experience.


He is the principle musician of the American bands


N / A 




After finishing his Masters Degree from the University of Saint Andrews, Scotland, he went on to produce music in Austin, Texas where he headlined shows at SXSW.


From there, he moved to Spain and Munich, Germany, and finished in 2016 his Master of Fine Arts at Pepperdine University, Malibu. Currently he is teaching and writing in Nashville, Tenessee.



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